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About the Course author and instructor

Dr. Dennis Hudson is a semi-retired doctor of Oriental medicine. He began integrating homeopathic medicines into his medical practice in 1992. Though not by training a classical homeopath, he developed this remarkable course over many years, first teaching a simplified version in 2001 to southern New Mexico students. Since then, the course has been greatly expanded. It is not a course in classical homeopathy. The focus is on learning the basics of how to research and discover useful new drugs, as well as how to make them.

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How to make and research homeopathic drugs

Always remember- YOUR work could save a life

  Learn how to do targeted research 

Homeopathics are often powerful and effective drugs. Whether you want to discover and make new ones for yourself, or family, or go into the manufacturing of homeopathics, you've come to the right place.

The Course offered here will show you how it's done, from research to testing to manufacturing. It's exciting and challenging,
and you don't need any previous bioscience training for this. The course is written and designed for everyone. Special equipment? You probably already have what you need.

What to expect

The full course outline is below. The course is about 42 pages, with estimated completion time about 30 hours, plus about 20 hours for completing research Assignments. You'll learn how to discover and make drugs from existing pharmaceuticals, from plants, microbes, minerals, chemicals, poisons, bodily effusions, and Chinese herbs. Though you'll obviously learn a lot about medical descriptions of Chinese herbs, this is not a course on herbal medicines- you'll be assessing their properties and converting them into homeopathics, scientifically.

And, if you wish, you can recruit Dr. Hudson as your personal research collaborator for up to two hours of one-on-one phone time, or via instant messenger.

A Certificate is offered for those who timely complete all Assignments. See below.

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The course Syllabus is below.
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 Get the course- YOU could save a life! 

Course Syllabus

[Percentiles are time-based estimates]

  1. About 5%. Homeopathic theory and origins; examples of use; potencies and their meanings; molecular chemistry as possible explanation; diagnostics.

  2. About 20%. Manufacturing methods for homeopathic drugs, liquids, pillules; preparation for storage and distribution; safety concerns; hands-on and making “provings” in healthy subjects; other proving types.

  3. About 35%. Research principles Part I; allopathic macrodata and microdata approaches; cautions; data sources; toxicology; pharmaceutical approaches; botanical and other approaches; isopathics; selecting best options; practicum, researching a specific disease in the above context for remedies (see below, “Direct Coaching”, with Dr. Hudson as your practicum collaborator, if you wish).

  4. About 35%. Research principles Part II; application of known properties of Chinese botanicals; brief survey of medical terms in oriental medicine; practicum (see below, “Direct Coaching”, with Dr. Hudson as your practicum collaborator, if you wish), researching a specific disease in the context of Chinese botanicals for remedies.

  5. About 3%. Agricultural applications.

  6. About 2%. Legal issues; patenting; marketing; government registration.

Total Estimated Course Time: About 30 hrs. of study. Assignments add about another 20 hrs.

Note that there are no quizzes or final exam; competence is demonstrated by filing of Assignments.

Other Course Features

Direct Coaching. As earlier mentioned, you may contact Dr. Hudson directly to be your collaborator in investigation of a disease of your choosing, with a view to finding one or more suitable remedies. This coaching is for a maximum of 2 hours, and must be requested by you within 30 days of acquiring the course. This is a very helpful aspect of training.

Forum. The course includes access to a forum where research homeopaths can compare notes and collaborate. It's a free forum, i.e., the platform is not owned by Dr. Hudson, although he can control access to it. But, since he does not own the platform, he cannot guarantee its continued existence. You are therefore encouraged to cultivate your own contacts there and take steps for continued collaboration should the forum become unavailable.

Link-up. You can notify Dr. Hudson that you wish to be included on a researcher Contact List available to other research homeopaths who have taken the course and who have also indicated their wish to be included. Your contact information will not be shared by him with any other party(-ies) for any other purpose. The Contact List has rules intended to limit contact to the subject of homeopathic research, but you are strongly advised to use a throwaway email address for this purpose, as a rogue actor could disclose your contact information to undesirable parties.

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Certificate Description

Certificate. The certificate below has no academic or legal significance. On this subject, Dr. Hudson says, “It'll look nice on your wall, but that's about it.” It's simply a goad to engage you in the research process by requiring completion of course Assignments. Doing so will help launch you into the habit of research. But, you'll have the complete course and, if you prefer not to complete the Assignments and thus not receive a Certificate, that's perfectly acceptable too. Either way, remember- YOU could save a life.

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