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How I make
my forecasts.
A rude combination of quant, technicals, and fundamentals.
Am I always right? No. I trade probability, and it can go wrong.
Please see disclaimer below.
What do I cover?
Stocks, forex, ETFs, options, futures. Long and short.
Depends what's interesting that day or week. Markets change,
I change my algos.

Wishing you well.
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Current picks are below.

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Picks from All Over
These come from a variety of forecasters. See Disclaimer. The terms "INT" or "COMP" at or near the end of any forecast mean that the forecaster has declared an interest in the security or compensation from someone for posting about it.
Examples (not real)
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5/5/16. SOOX. Now at $0.31, expect this coming week run to resistance at $0.49. Possible dip to $0.24 before then, so watch momentum indicators like ROC or RSI.
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5/5/16. CAZX options. In the money Calls looking good, but wait for this coming Wednesday after earnings to buy.
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5/5/16. CAZX options. In the money Calls looking good, but wait for this coming Wednesday after earnings to buy.
More at INT, COMP.

My Picks
As a regular visitor, you know I don't hide my losers or my winners. I make the call! Let the chips fall where they may! Here they are.
From now on, updates/results in RED, original post in BLACK
NEW. TRUE. SPY dipped to $204.38 Friday. SPY dip to $200 area looks more than likely for week of 5/8/16. TRUE. $DJT dipped to 7469 Friday. $DJT (transport index) also seems ready for drop to about 7500. TRUE. REXR could not break out, dipped to $19.27 Wednesday, closed $19.74 Friday. Traders liking REXR but week of 5/8/16 may have fatal flaw, as one quant indicator disputes the recent runup; caution advised.
NEW. HYG. Options play. If opens Thursday 5/5/16 below Wednesday's low, bearish sentiment afoot. If opens above Wednesday's high, bullish sentiment afoot. This is "high-yield" (high-risk) ETF, much of it very sensitive to oil prices. NFP coming out Friday 8:30 a.m. EDT has traders nervous, and there may be good beta on it Thursday.
NEW. NERV. UP if breaks above $6.98 in the next week (by 5/12/16). Could run to $7.56. If runs more, then $8.70 possible (by mid-August).
WINNER. The VIX. UP Spike due. For week of 5/2/16. I published the logic in article on A VXX $15 in-the-money call shot up 86% by midday 5/3/16- and I think there's more to come later this week. Try catching a dip on it (if you can) Wednesday before buying.
LOSER. Bank of America. DOWN Spike due for week ending 4/15/16 (Earnings). Good algo but failed this time. Published logic on on 4/13/16.

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D. Hudson


Stock, options, forex, and all other kinds of trading are high risk. Never risk more than you can comfortably lose. I am not compensated in any way by guest forecasters or by companies mentioned. Please do you own due diligence before trading. Guest forecasters are asked to declare whether they have or intend to acquire a position in the covered security in the next 30 days, and whether they are compensated in any way by anyone for making their post, but I cannot verify their compliance with my request. Statements and information on this site are provided as is and for educational and entertainment value only. You are strongly advised to USE STOPLOSSES if available. Statements or information on this site should not be considered an inducement to engage in trading of any kind. Use at your own risk. Neither the owner(s) of this site nor its affiliate(s) shall be held liable for any losses or failures to profit which you may experience.
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